The Government along with other authorities make people apply for permits when running businesses or carrying out processes or tasks. These processes are more often than not, tedious but we have simplified everything by adding all the applications to make this system easier.

application for the grant of tourist vehicle permit

if you have a vehicle and would like tourists to use it for various purposes, you can sign up for a tourist vehicle permit. tourist vehicles comprise of cars being rented out to tourists or driven as cabs. download the permit application, fill it up and submit it to the office. after it has been approved, there might be an inspection of the vehicle before granting the permit.

form of declaration to be filled by a person who does not have either a permanent account number or general index register number and who makes payment in cash

if you are to open a bank account, you need to have a pan (permanent account number) card. this card is used when filing income tax returns at the end of every financial year. if you are trying to handle certain activities that require a pan card, but do not have one, you have to fill out a declaration stating that you do not have one. you might also have to mention that you are creating one and began working on the paperwork since pan cards are compulsory.

furnishing details of the vehicle

if you are trying to sell your vehicles, fill out a declaration mentioning the exact specifics of the car. add the different details of the automobile, the accessories added to the vehicle and any changes made during the tenure of the vehicle.

application for issue/renewal of radio cab license.

a radio cab is a cab hailed by calling a helpline and asking for one. running a radio cab needs a radio cab licence. furthermore, radio cabs can also work as normal cabs if they have their documentation and licences in place. we have the application for a radio cab on our website to make the process shorter.

form of duplicate radio cab license.

with the entry and exit of many passengers, sometimes licences get misplaced. there are a lot of formalities to be handled when one is lost. other than submitting the right applications and documents to the right places, you have to submit an application to apply for a new one. download the form, fill it out, and save yourself the time and effort of standing and waiting in a queue.

application for replacement of vehicle on permit

if the vehicle permit is damaged or wet, you have to create a new one. since you have all the details of the previous permit, you can add the same to get a replacement for your permit. you would also have to surrender the old and damaged permit.

application for duplicate permit

if you lose your permit, you have to mention the details of the lost permit and file a police case. you then have to apply for a duplicate permit that allows you to receive a copy of the permit so you can use it in the interim.

application for a permit in respect of a particular stage carriage

this application is needed when handling a vehicle that is going to be towing or pulling other carriages. this is usually required for trucks that pull other carriages or loads and travel great distances. drivers need permits if they are planning on pulling other carriages or adding a larger load to their vehicle. simply download the form and submit it to the nearest rto office.

application for request for deposit of permit

when applying for some permits, there is a deposit that has to be left behind. depending on the permit, the amount does vary. however, after the permit is surrendered or cancelled, you can collect the deposit amount (or some part of the deposit) initially left behind. you would have to file an application to claim back this deposit and the application can be downloaded from the website.

application for the grant of national permit

various vehicle permits allow vehicles to ply on different routes. there are local permits and national permits that allow drivers to move with their guests around the state or country. if you sign up for a national permit, it might cost more, but allows travel across state borders with guests driving to other states.

application for transfer of permit

if you want to transfer a permit for a vehicle or group of vehicles to someone else, the process is tiresome. you can download the applications and gather the required documents so it can all the submitted at the office. after going through the documents the vehicles might have to be inspected before the transfer is completed.