form of application for registration of a motor vehicle

after purchasing a motor vehicle, there are a bunch of registrations to be handled. the vehicle has to be registered with the regional transport office before it receives the go-ahead to be driven on the road. the showroom that sells the car usually handles this on your behalf but there are additional charges that they would levy. handling this yourself was initially a difficult process, but with the applications now on the website, it saves time and effort.

sale certificate

a sale certificate is a document given to an individual after purchasing an item larger than a particular amount. these documents are given out at auctions, purchases of cars or houses. after the sale is made and money transferred, the new owner of the item can ask for a sales certificate. sales certificates have a specific format. downloading an application from our website would be the best way to produce one.

initial certificate of compliance with pollution, standards, safety standards of components and road worthiness

after a vehicle has completed fifteen years, it has to be re-registered after making sure it meets all requirements and safety standards. owners have to send their vehicles to be re-inspected by the rto and re-register them again. this requires a pollution certificate and passing the engine and other tests. all the forms to get your vehicle back on the road are handled on our website.

intimation of loss or destruction etc. of the certificate of registration and application

if certificates or documents belonging to your vehicle have been lost or destroyed, you have to file for a new copy. you have to file a report with the authorities and submit a copy of the same to the rto. there are a bunch of forms to be filled to inform them about the loss or damage done and the same detailed reentered for a duplicate.

for the issue of duplicate certificate of registration

after losing or damaging a document of registration, you have to apply for a duplicate since you need some proof of owning the vehicle. very often a photocopy is not enough and you have to get something that is a little more formal. that is where a duplicate document comes in handy.

form of application for ‘no objection certificate and grant of certificate

if you are applying for documentation in someone else’s name, you need a no objection certificate from the first person. this certificate states that the first person doesn't mind another individual handling changes and documentation on their behalf. you can download the ‘no objection certificate’ or ‘grant of certificate’ from our websites.

form of notice of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle

if an individual is looking to purchase a vehicle from another person, they have to handle two main steps. the payment and transferring the ownership of the vehicle. if this is not done, the vehicle remains in the name of the first person. this could be an issue if the vehicle is stolen, in an accident or worst case, involved in a crime. people can now download transfer of ownership documents from our website.

report of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle.

after informing the authorities about a change in ownership of a vehicle, similar forms have to be submitted to start the process. these forms are available on the website too.

application for the transfer of ownership in the name of the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle

vehicles have to be purchased after adding the name of the owner to the documents. this might not be much of a hassle when purchasing the vehicle but might end up as a tedious task when changing it to another name. this is ideally done if the owner passes away, or wants to pass it to a next of kin. in either case, an application, along with supporting documents would be needed to be submitted when handling this. proof of relationship between the owner and individual is a must. download the application form on the website.

intimation of change of address to be recorded in the certificate of registration.

if vehicle owners are changing their addresses, they have to make this change on the vehicle documents. this also has to be done on their proof of address documents like their driver's licence, pan card and others. individuals need to submit an application intimating the authorities about such a change.

application for making an entry of an agreement of hire-purchase / lease / hypothecation subsequent to registration

post purchasing a vehicle, there are a series of documents to be handled if the purchase was purchased on a loan or is being leased out to someone. if individuals want to get into an agreement post-purchase about hiring, purchasing or leasing a vehicle, the process has to be started through an application that can be downloaded off the website.

notice of termination of an agreement of hire purchase /lease /hypothecation

after the loan amount is cleared, individuals have to begin the process of undoing the hypothecation of documents and have it marked in their books. banks no longer own rights and have to stamp the documents stating the same. the forms to begin this process after paying the last instalment can be downloaded from the website.

application for issue of a fresh certificate of registration in the name of the financier

during the vehicle purchase process, if the vehicle is being bought through a financier, although it is being purchased in the owner's name, a document has to be submitted mentioning the name of the financier. this would mean that theoretically, the vehicle would belong to the financier until the loan amount has been paid off.

application for a duplicate certificate of temporary registration/fitness

after the vehicle completes a certain age, it has to be re-registered. in india, this is done after fifteen years. however, after the process is completed, vehicle owners will receive a new rc book for their cars. if this book gets damaged or misplaced, they would have to apply for a new one. you might need a temporary one if you are selling the vehicle and find someone who would be changing it to another name in a bit.